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The first thing to remember here is that when looking for affordable funerals the internet is your friend. It can be a difficult time for families but a little research will pay dividends. You may not find the cheapest //or lowest cost option straight away but low cost companies are characterised by open pricing – so if you cand see pricing on the first page that you land on the best advice is to keep looking – try another company. The //Competition and markets authority has seen fit to require all funeral directors to display their prices in a standard form since September 2021 and although the interpretation of this standard form seems open to //interpretation (some larger groups for example don’t let you choose the time or date of the service within the standard pricing and some funeral directors use the word “from” (indicating that you are likely to pay more //if you require anything otherer than simply cremation at a time of the funeral directors choice. The second thing to think about is the ultimate ownership of any funeral director. The CMA report
makes clear that large groups (Dignity, Co_Op, Funeral Partners etc) who may still be using the name of a trusted local funeral director consistently have average higher prices up to £1500 more than local independent funeral directors and that their prices go up each year at a faster rate – our advice would be to avoid the large groups if you want an affordable funeral. Thirdly, is the company that you are looking at a funeral director or something else – a number of well funded companies with call centres have set themselves up as funeral directors in recent years when in fact they are nothing of the kind – they may (or may not) have a large mortuary facility elsewhere in the country. They may use a local funeral director to subcontract some or all of the work – for example if a hearse on the funeral day is a £500 option or a visit in the chapel of rest is not even possible then my advice would be to look elsewhere. Finally, having narrowed down your search. Work our what you want. Check the website numbers. Calculate what you think the funeral should cost and then ring your top choice(s) and start asking questions. A modern funeral director wont mind you asking questions and will welcome the chance to explain things that seem unclear. My research has in fact narrowed the option in my local area to goSimply funerals – not just simply cremations but advice on home funerals and eco friendly options – my top pick - and if you are after direct cremation they offer that too! PS if you have asked a funeral director to collect your loved one and then find a better choice of funeral director for you it’s never a problem to change your mind

Direct Cremation Funerals from Just £995 call us NOW on 0800 1076096

Direct Cremation

For just £995 (plus doctors fees if payable) we can provide a diginified funeral with nothing else to pay and nothing to worry about. We will collect and care for the person who has died (additional fees apply for home collections and out of hours collections) complete all paperwork, prorvide a simple coffin and arrange an unattended cremation (you may choose a prayer or reading ) at a time and location of our choice. you may choose to collect the ashes yourself or have them scattered in the garden of remembrance. For an added fee we can deliver them to your door

Family Committal

For just £2150 we will provide an early morning cremation service for a small number of mourners. This simple and dignified option includes all costs and is ideal for those wanting a dignified and personal sendoff. The service may include music and readings chosen by the family and can be arranged at Haycombe, West Wilts (Semington), Westerleigh, Bristol or Mendip Crematoria.
This option does include simple flowers and a lovely celebrant led service. 

Eco Funeral

For just £2150 (all inclusive - nothing else to pay) we can provide a beautiful early morning service at any local crematorium, We use our lovely "eco" ford hearsette a simple cardboard or wood effect coffin, flowers cloths and candles to create something unique and special.
The all inclusinve price does include a full , bespoke handwritten service including music, poems and readings - religous or not.
Everything you need for a beautiful simple service for just £2150 all inclusive. For a simple and beautiful funeral in Melksham or elsewhere call us now on 075111 88753

Traditional Funeral

For a total price of just £2750 we will provide a full cremation service including traditional hearse, FREE orders of service, bespoke full length service written just for you, FREE flowers (simple) FREE choice of local crematoria time and date.
WE can offer willow and colourful coffins at an extra fee, but the coffins we use come to you at the same cost that we pay.
If you wish to use your own minister or celebrant we will contribute £100 to the cost... all for the incredible all inclusive prive of £2750

What Our Clients Say About us

I can't speak highly enough of go simply funerals and Angela and Kevin. The support we received from first contacting them was amazing. Amanda stayed in touch throughout. They collected personal information about our brother through text, email and meeting face to face. The service that Angela put together was just beautiful, so individual, so perfect. On the day of the funeral, both Angela and Kevin were so supportive and Angela delivered the most poignant and moving service that moved us all. Kevin was also so reassuring throughout. Can't recommend angela and Kevin enough. Thank you for giving us and my brother a beautiful send off xxxxxx

Sam French

Angela & Kevin, I will be forever grateful for your kindness & warmth shown towards myself & my family at such a difficult time. Your comforting words & actions have meant so much to me. You both made my brothers service so personal & beautiful. My brother would of been so proud. Words just can't thank you enough X

Carl Davies

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